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Eine Kleine Nacht Musik [entries|friends|calendar]
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some icons for you [05 Aug 2009|04:13pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

'Allo. Made these a while ago, thought someone might like them :P

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[03 Aug 2009|03:31pm]


~104. Amadeus icons
1984 best picture


rest HERE @ unsospiro
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so i'm basically in love with mozart [24 Feb 2007|04:34pm]

gah, i love mozart. he was a musical genius. his music is so amazing, inspiring, and uplifting. yeah, i'm a band geek. :] but so are you all, or you wouldn't be in a mozart community!

so i play the bassoon, also known as the best instrument ever, and i'm currently playing mozart's bassoon concerto k191 II. andante ma adagio. you must listen to it. it's eargasmic.

oh oh oh. and next year, i'm going to play mozart's bassoon and cello. not quite sure what the exact name is but it is uber sexy.

marraige of figaro! listen. NOW!

but yeah. k191. listen to it. love it. worship it.
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Dude. o.o A Mozart COMMUNITY? Sweet. [05 Mar 2006|10:41pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

...=D Hi, I'm Ariae, fourteen years old, and I LOVE classical music. o_o A lot. I don't know MUCH about it, but I love it. 6.6 It's so (I'm gonna get religious here, bare with me o_o;;) God-filled. o.o;; 9.9 In my opinion it's much better than heavy metal and rap we got goin' these days. ....O.O!! *battles off rap and heavy metal fans with her scimitar!*....o.o....Eh. ^^;

Anyway, well...u.u I'm a PG, which means I have headvoices. Quite frankly, I don't care who knows it. u.u; If you have anything nasty to say, keep it to yourself. -.o Uhm. XD; Anyway! I have a HEADVOICE of said Mozart, and he's what got me INTO Mozart quite frankly. ^.^;;

n__n I love the movie Amadues. 6.6 But it is so saaaad.

And so. u.u Yeah. XD; Kind of a n00b as far as classical goes, but y'know. XD; I'm slooowly learning.

Okee. I must go now. O.O My father is like...6.6 Telling me to get off.


Bye! ^^ I hope I have fun here. 8D

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Mozart Ecard? [27 Jan 2006|03:34pm]

Can anyone link me to a site that has a *nice* (classy, not cartoony) ecard in celebration of Mozart's birthday? It would be nice to be able to actually send it to someone today, since today *is* Mozart's 250th birthday. Thanks.
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[04 Jan 2006|01:50am]

So, wow. Did everyone hear about this whole DNA testing thing? Apparently, they have what they're pretty damn sure is Mozart's skull-- if you recall, his burial was, shall we say, less than legitimate and it's been pretty unknown as to where his body exactly is.

Actually, they're apparently completely positive on whether or not it's him, but these damn Austrian scientists aren't telling anybody yet so everyone has to watch this documentary on the freaking Austrian science channel or some shit like that if they want to know.

I MEAN REALLY. I'm sure it'll be released to the press right after the thing airs, but ... I'd sure as hell like to see that stuff and I sure as hell don't get Austrian cable. So ...

basically ...

just keep your ears on NPR after this Sunday, is what I'm saying.


I really didn't read the whole article before I wrote this crap, so ignore everything I just said and go here: http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/story.jsp?idq=/ff/story/0001/20060103/1400392111.htm&ewp=ewp_news_0106mozart
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ornaments [03 Jan 2006|07:11pm]

could I have a recommendation for a few good books that deal with ornaments and embellishments on Mozart's vocal music

I'd also love some personal opinions-

I'm singing 'Deh Vieni' (w/recit) from Le Nozze di Figaro for solo & ensemble competition and want to add in a few ornaments. Including a high Bb at the very end ("incoronAAAr di rose")
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[20 Nov 2005|02:37am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hey ya'll, my name is Jen, I'm 22, attending a community college in Florida (suck) and I frkin' love Mozart's music. I'm probably one of the last classical music lovers who HASN'T seen The Movie, but I love the man's music nonetheless.

I've been in love with the man for years, but what really made me fall in love was when I begun to sing a few of his arias from The Marraige of Figgaro a few semesters ago (Voi Che Sapete and Porgi Amor). My voice teacher told me I'd be singing Non So Piu NEXT semester, so I'm quite excited about that. It'll be a nice break from the Puccini aria I'm working on now (O Mio Bambino Caro, which every soprano and her mother is singing this year).

Last spring, our choir did His Coronation Mass, which...if you've done it, you know what I mean when I say its one of the hardest works I've ever done. The Credo section alone killed me (I should really scan my music to let you guys see the markings I had to make to myself, unbelievable. Thank GOD I, like everybody who sold their soul to the choir gods years ago, was already intimately familiar with the way Latin works.) but listening to it now...its hard to believe I was part of something that fantastic. And now, of course, since the Mass is about the same length it takes me to drive to school, I'll pop it into the CD player on the way to school on the way to voice lessons to warm up.

If ever I reach the end of my singing career (which will be the day I die) I look back and someone asks me when my sight reading final exam was, my response will be learning the Mass. I've been singing in choirs for 13 years. I've been all over the state of Florida for various choral events, I've sung in Carnegie Hall, and I've done various solos in numerous concerts all through school. Through the years, I've become an excellent sight-reader (you had to be, in my high school) but the real test of my sight-reading skills came when my college director put the Mass in front of us. In that peice of music, Mozart threw in every last trick in the book-tricks of rhythm, syncopation, an unfamiliar language (unless, as I said, you sold your soul to the Choir Gods), funky intervals, some freakishly hard page turns, enterance issues after the soloists stop singing, sudden tempo and dynamic changes, and of course he never does the same thing twice. Hammering out that Mass made me twice the sight-reader I was before, and an infinately better musician. Learning that peice is a real test of one's musicianship.

Enough about the Coronation Mass, because I can and will go on for an eternity.

I love all of Mozart. I love his operas (Especially Marraige of Figgaro), his piano concertos, his choral works, everything.

I have a whole wall dedicated to my Top Ten Favorite Composers of All Time. They are, in no particular order, Mozart, Chopin, Carl Orff, Aaron Copland, Eric Whitacre, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Elton John (who I have seen in concert, was worth every penny, and I cried the entire time), Stephen Sondheim, and Jon Larson. I have pictures of all of them, congregating around each other, the musical geniuses they are. The collection started when, a few months ago, I was at a garage sale and while I yoinked a mess of CDs for a dollar each (mostly classical/opera CDs) and I came upon a framed 19th century print of Mozart. Needless to say, it was mine within seconds, and will one day hang in my office at school, when I start teaching.

I love him. And thats all I have to say.

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[20 Oct 2005|01:51pm]

[ mood | music...ah. ]


i'm new to this community. my name's meg, and i believe that mozart and voltaire are two of the most amazing men to ever walk across the face of the earth. there has never been a man that has touched my soul as much as mozart has through his music... most of my college audition songs were written by him (2 or 3 at least of my italian and at least 1 of my german)...i love mozart. that's reduntant...but he's amazing...the song fantasy in d-minor (that's the name, right?) is definitely one of my all time favorites...it touches you so much when you hear it...the differing aspects to it, the sadness, the torment, and the love...i'm a nerd, go ahead and laugh.

than you for the foundation of this community. i love it.


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Salieri! whoo ha ha har! [07 Sep 2005|06:00pm]

[ mood | happy ]

id just like to express my love for such a wonderful character! ive just finished studding the life of Mozart and have recently been in a production of Amadeus for my Drama A s level, i luckily was given the chance to play the part of Salieri (i got an A!!!!) ... he was such a fantastic character to play, so many levels, such a complicated disturbed man, fell in love with the guy... it was wonderful! left me a little shaken but it was such a thrill. Amadeus is such an interesting film and Mozart's music is so beautiful (Saileri's is much better than Mozart but hey!!!)

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La-la-lacrimosa [25 Jun 2005|08:25pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi there, I'm new in this community as well!

I am a big fan of Mozart and classical music in general. :) I watched the movie Amadaeus and thought it was excellent! A bit long, but still wonderful. Right now, I must say that my favorite work of his is the Symphony no. 25, 3rd movement. And for easy listening, his variations of "Ah vous dirais-je maman" (I believe that's how it's spelled?) is good also. :D

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Greetings [26 May 2005|10:13am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello, everyone. Just thought I'd introduce myself since I'm new here.

I was very excited to find this community on LJ, but I see it's lapsed somewhat...I hope it will become active again soon. :)

Mozart's Requiem Mass is the most beautiful, moving thing I've ever heard. Well, it's tied for that title with the song I'm currently listening to.

Anyway, hi. I'm looking forward to some good conversations.

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Question about Mozart [16 Feb 2005|11:39pm]

I'm currently reading Maynard Solomon's bio called, "Mozart: A Life" and I'm loving every minute of it. Someone hear recommended it, I think.

I have a question though for all you Mozart-buffs. What exactly is Freemasonry? It is described in the book as something spiritual that embraces brotherhood and self-respect. It was suggested that Wolfgang found this was something he could openly embrace, considering how his father treated him throughout his life. It also states that they were anti-clerical and were against Jesuits.

I'm not getting a real grasp of what exactly being a Mason means. Why did Mozart become one and compose music in the Freemason style?

Any help on this topic would be much appreciated. :)
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Wow, a Mozart community! [09 Feb 2005|03:11am]
Hello; I'm new. *waves*

I've been a fangirl of Mozart's since I was about ten years old (I'm sixteen, now). He's by far my favourite composer. Seeing Amadeus a few years ago made me love him even more. My favourite piece of his is probably the Queen of the Night Aria from The Magic Flute. It's just... wow. I'd love to be able to sing that...

I have an abundant collection of Mozart cds, and have both The Magic Flute and The Marriage of Figaro on dvd. And, of course, Amadeus. The director's version. My most unusual bit of Wolfie memorabilia is probably the brass bust that I keep on my computer desk... my friends think it's very strange, but I'm sure you guys understand. heh.

Anyway, I'll cut myself off before I start rambling, but it's great to have found a Mozart community, and I look forward to discussing with all of you. ^_^

- Shannon
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Recommendation. [04 Feb 2005|11:54pm]

I'm currently reading "Mozart: A Life" by Maynard Solomon which came out in 1995. It's one of the best Mozart biographies out there, I can't put it down.

I just thought I'd bring it up in case anyone was looking for a excellent bio on Wolfgang. It was recommended to me by someone at the amadeus_mozart community.
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[28 Jan 2005|06:10pm]


!!!Collapse )
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[12 Nov 2004|09:39pm]

Hi all. I'm a newbie. Like many, I got into Mozart after watching "Amadeus." I'd always been a fan of classical musical as a whole, but generally preferred Beethoven to ... well, anyone. This preference was determined early, so, for quite a while I pretty much didn't listen to any Mozart at all.

Anyway, I'm also a film buff, and I'd heard Amadeus was a good film, so I saw it purely based on cinematic motivations. I rented the dvd, and I was ... well, I was floored. Touched. Moved.

Actually, I should say-- as we speak, er, as I type, I'm watching The Magic Flute for the first time on BBC. Heheh. Papageno's quite a character.

So. Amadeus. I think you'll probably all agree that watching that movie makes a person desperate to do something to further validate Mozart's life and work. Anyway, I realized I didn't own any recordings of his music, so I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a cd.

Now, my main objection (which I had developed at the age of, like, seven) to Mozart was that his music was pretty, but didn't make me feel anything ... clearly, there was a lot I hadn't heard. So anyway. I picked up a compilation cd that seemed to be a pretty decent representation of his work, and I scanned it under the, ah, you know. The thing that lets you listen to samples of the cds. And ... damn, I don't remember what piece it was, but

(gah, jesus, this Queen of the Night aria is ... mind boggling. good lord.)

anyway, I was listening to it, and in the middle of Barnes and Noble ... well, it literally took my breath away. I was thinking about the man himself and his passion and genius and all that but mostly it was just how beautiful the music was. Sigh.

Hah. Papageno again.

Okay. Well anyway, that's my story. Hi everyone.

P.S. wtf, mate. Papagena is dressed like a Brooklyn fishwife.
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An interesting article: [05 Nov 2004|11:00pm]

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_Don Giovanni_ [04 Nov 2004|12:46am]


Greets all ^^
Apologies in advance for cross posting, along with advertising (i completely understand and respect the fact that this post might be deleted). But one of my greatest passions has to be Mozart's opera Don Giovanni. Believe it or not, ever since the age of 3 i've been hooked on it, and a dream of mine is to one day set my own production of it to stage.

I worry about where opera is going these days... theatre's can't aford to gamble so much with new opera's these days because they're afraid of losing their audiences, thus in doing so discourage people to actually write them. In Sydney, Australia, tickets to youth are extremely cheap also in fear of the younger generation growing up to ignore opera -_-.

But anyhow... i've created this community, i'm not sure how far it will get as i don't know how many people share my passion. But it's worth a try anyway i think ^^. It's still underway... have to sort out info... but the idea is to discuss the music, the history, latest productions, characters, images, icons, story, anything really! If you're curious about the Opera, please just ask me! I love trying to "convert" people XD. It's truly, i can say with all my heart, one of the greatest opera's ever writen.

So yes... i do hope you join ♥♥

1. 2. 3.

//8/11 More Icons//
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[23 Sep 2004|08:32pm]

Could any one of you intelligent computer users do me a favor? I am unfortunately icon-making illiterate, so therefore all my icons are not original. That is beside the point. Anyway could one of you fine people make me an icon of the front cover of the movie case? You know the picture on the front with the big white 'Amadeus' letters. I would be eternally greatful!


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