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Dude. o.o A Mozart COMMUNITY? Sweet.

...=D Hi, I'm Ariae, fourteen years old, and I LOVE classical music. o_o A lot. I don't know MUCH about it, but I love it. 6.6 It's so (I'm gonna get religious here, bare with me o_o;;) God-filled. o.o;; 9.9 In my opinion it's much better than heavy metal and rap we got goin' these days. ....O.O!! *battles off rap and heavy metal fans with her scimitar!*....o.o....Eh. ^^;

Anyway, well...u.u I'm a PG, which means I have headvoices. Quite frankly, I don't care who knows it. u.u; If you have anything nasty to say, keep it to yourself. -.o Uhm. XD; Anyway! I have a HEADVOICE of said Mozart, and he's what got me INTO Mozart quite frankly. ^.^;;

n__n I love the movie Amadues. 6.6 But it is so saaaad.

And so. u.u Yeah. XD; Kind of a n00b as far as classical goes, but y'know. XD; I'm slooowly learning.

Okee. I must go now. O.O My father is like...6.6 Telling me to get off.


Bye! ^^ I hope I have fun here. 8D
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