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_Don Giovanni_

Greets all ^^
Apologies in advance for cross posting, along with advertising (i completely understand and respect the fact that this post might be deleted). But one of my greatest passions has to be Mozart's opera Don Giovanni. Believe it or not, ever since the age of 3 i've been hooked on it, and a dream of mine is to one day set my own production of it to stage.

I worry about where opera is going these days... theatre's can't aford to gamble so much with new opera's these days because they're afraid of losing their audiences, thus in doing so discourage people to actually write them. In Sydney, Australia, tickets to youth are extremely cheap also in fear of the younger generation growing up to ignore opera -_-.

But anyhow... i've created this community, i'm not sure how far it will get as i don't know how many people share my passion. But it's worth a try anyway i think ^^. It's still underway... have to sort out info... but the idea is to discuss the music, the history, latest productions, characters, images, icons, story, anything really! If you're curious about the Opera, please just ask me! I love trying to "convert" people XD. It's truly, i can say with all my heart, one of the greatest opera's ever writen.

So yes... i do hope you join ♥♥

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