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Hi all. I'm a newbie. Like many, I got into Mozart after watching "Amadeus." I'd always been a fan of classical musical as a whole, but generally preferred Beethoven to ... well, anyone. This preference was determined early, so, for quite a while I pretty much didn't listen to any Mozart at all.

Anyway, I'm also a film buff, and I'd heard Amadeus was a good film, so I saw it purely based on cinematic motivations. I rented the dvd, and I was ... well, I was floored. Touched. Moved.

Actually, I should say-- as we speak, er, as I type, I'm watching The Magic Flute for the first time on BBC. Heheh. Papageno's quite a character.

So. Amadeus. I think you'll probably all agree that watching that movie makes a person desperate to do something to further validate Mozart's life and work. Anyway, I realized I didn't own any recordings of his music, so I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a cd.

Now, my main objection (which I had developed at the age of, like, seven) to Mozart was that his music was pretty, but didn't make me feel anything ... clearly, there was a lot I hadn't heard. So anyway. I picked up a compilation cd that seemed to be a pretty decent representation of his work, and I scanned it under the, ah, you know. The thing that lets you listen to samples of the cds. And ... damn, I don't remember what piece it was, but

(gah, jesus, this Queen of the Night aria is ... mind boggling. good lord.)

anyway, I was listening to it, and in the middle of Barnes and Noble ... well, it literally took my breath away. I was thinking about the man himself and his passion and genius and all that but mostly it was just how beautiful the music was. Sigh.

Hah. Papageno again.

Okay. Well anyway, that's my story. Hi everyone.

P.S. wtf, mate. Papagena is dressed like a Brooklyn fishwife.
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