shannon. (shantastic) wrote in chrysostomus,

Wow, a Mozart community!

Hello; I'm new. *waves*

I've been a fangirl of Mozart's since I was about ten years old (I'm sixteen, now). He's by far my favourite composer. Seeing Amadeus a few years ago made me love him even more. My favourite piece of his is probably the Queen of the Night Aria from The Magic Flute. It's just... wow. I'd love to be able to sing that...

I have an abundant collection of Mozart cds, and have both The Magic Flute and The Marriage of Figaro on dvd. And, of course, Amadeus. The director's version. My most unusual bit of Wolfie memorabilia is probably the brass bust that I keep on my computer desk... my friends think it's very strange, but I'm sure you guys understand. heh.

Anyway, I'll cut myself off before I start rambling, but it's great to have found a Mozart community, and I look forward to discussing with all of you. ^_^

- Shannon
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