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Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

because it's okay to be cliché

spread the Mozart love
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This is a community for those who love Mozart and his music, or for those who hate him and want to bash his work. We could even spend time discussing his taste in breakfast cereals. Frankly, this is just for people who, for one reason or another, feel like babbling about Mozart.

Meg and Veronica created this community because there was a sad lack of Mozart communities. Oh, sure, there's one for the movie Amadeus, and endless music lover communities, but none for the man himself! We couldn't have that. So Meg made one, and has forced Veronica to be her cohort. Bwahaha.

Maintained by:
- megu
- _aria

1. Don't be mean. You may, by all means, insult Mozart in the context of intelligent conversation, but we won't have 'OMG Mozart suckz!!11 He's sooo gay.' Because frankly, that is retarded (as I'm sure Mozart would agree). And it's just plain lame, so don't do it!

2. Please don't advertise for other communities here, unless they're related to Mozart/classical music/composers, that sort of thing. And this community is just getting started, so we'd like some lovely chit-chat and less of the random 'go visit this here community! x-posted'.

3. Have much fun! Almost anything is welcomed, including random bursts of 'I was just listening to Piano Concerto no.21 and I cried like a fangirl!!'. That is acceptable. Just don't do it more than five times a day.

Now then. Join! And bring your friends.